Dear Perumal,

Went to Delhi last week where I made a trip to the ISKON there. The light and sound show was nice. It felt as if You were really talking to me – the life-size statues of Krishna Bhagwan on the chariot talking to Arjuna. And the Vishwaroopa effect shown made me realise something in my mind all the time…that I think so much about why You do not reveal Yourself to adiyen and other Bhaktas (I don’t buy the logic that it is because of Kaliyugam as there were other who were able to see You!), but then Your Roopam might be way too powerful for most of us to handle! That is something adiyen had not taken into account.

Also visited the Akshardam temple where I was able to view their robotics, movie, light and sound boat-ride. The boat-ride was through a tunnel which represented Indian cultural heritage through the vedic times. There were statues which represented famous personalities. There was a section where great Indian saints were depicted. It was nice to see Ramanujar there, but it was a little funny to see that the statue was holding up two fingers in the victory position rather than holding three fingers out as our Sri Vaishnavite saints normally would. But nevertheless I was thrilled to bits to see Udayavar over there as well! 🙂 Andal and Vishnu Chittar were represented as well. So, the Akshardam temple show had represented two Azhwars and one Acharya.  Happy!

Ramanujasya Charanau Sharanam Prapadye