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Harihara Puthran…?


Adiyen leaves today for participation this weekend, in an Ayyappan pooja.  I am doing this to respect the wishes of the elders who invited me.

Ayyappan, also known as Hariharan, is supposed to be the son of lord Siva and Sriman Narayana, when Perumal was in Mohini avataram. I wonder if there is truth behind such a legend. The legend of Ayyappa, or Manikanthan, the story of a powerful warrior of the Kerala belt may be true. The fact that Ayyappan was a local lord may be true. The fact that he remained a bachelor for life and disappeared may be true. But whether there was a son borne by the powerful Siva and the supreme being Sriman Narayana? Debatable. I wonder whether that is true. Lord Sriman Narayana took Mohini avataram for a specific purpose when the nectar of the ocean was churned. Not to create a son with Siva! And Siva has a beautiful goddess in the form of Parvati present with him. Why should be resort to Sriman Narayana to produce a child? Yes, there is a story of a powerful demon who could not be killed by Siva or Maha Vishnu, hence the need for a combination of both in the form of another person. But then Devi or someone else from among the existing deities could have been sent.

The legend of Ayyappa is quite recent, and not one from the puranas (perhaps Skanda Purana has a mention). There is no need to dispute the divinity of someone worshipped by hundreds of people, but adiyen would dispute the origin of the birth as Sriman Narayana has time and again single-handedly saved his devotess, on their beck and call. Adiyen feels it is unfair to attach unverified stories to His name.

Found this entry on an ISKCON-based website:

“Sri Ayyappa is the mental son (manasa-putra) of Lord Shiva. When Lord Shiva saw Mohini, Ayyappa was born from his mind. There was never any contact between Mohini and Lord Shiva. This story occurs in Skanda Purana. There are many exagerations about this story that say Lord Shiva and Mohini together produced this child. They are not true. Ayyappa lives in Kailasha along with Lord Shiva, Ganesha and Kartikeya (Skanda). The pastimes of Ayyappa and the muslim named Vavar occured when Ayyappa descended to earth, which occurred in recent times (the present yuga). Similarly Skanda also appeared in the recent history in Tamil Nadu.”

Anyway, adiyen shall always consider Sriman Narayana as antaryami in everything. Afterall,  He did come out of even a pillar!

Apologies for any mistakes or offences.

Srimathe Narayanaya Namah ll

Ramanujasya Charanau Sharanam Prapadye ll


I have uploaded a video of the Mudal Azhwars. This is just the work of an amateur and an aspiring Sri Vaishnava. Hope I learn more myself. And am able to share some knowledge for beginners.

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan!

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah l

Dear Perumal,

Adiyen returns after a break in writing, rather, typing!

Sri Rama Navami was one of the first functions for the Gregorian year 2010. I am not so sure whether I had missed out on anything else. Divinity of Lord Ram was observed at home on March 24th. Neer mor (watery buttermilk), paanagam (solution of jaggery and ginger), vadai and paysam were made. Wondered how Sri Rama would have loved His mor during summers in the forest!

Jai Sri Ram!

Varsha Pirappu (birth of the new year, Tamizh), was celebrated on the April 14th, 2010. The Vikruti year was ushered in with some paysam. On the next day, April 15th, Vishu was observed at home on request by some elders. This was an alien culture to me, wherein one celebrates prosperity by arranging grains and goodies in a plate, gold, coins, and a mirror which one has to look into while waking up. It was a little difficult to think of having to wake up to see my own face in a mirror while ideally one should see the lord’s face! But I managed to do things right to my conscience by using a thiruman petti (naamam box) for mirror, and using an idol of the darling of all gopikas, Krishna perumal. This simple decoration was done with Krishnaarpanam, dedication to the lord.

I am sure next year’s celebrations and arrangements would be better! But end of the day adiyen was satisfied to have done it with love and bhakti, while being devoted to You in the entire process.

Emperuman thiruvadigale sharanam.