Dear Perumale,

Adiyen has missed out on a long list of significant events over the past month. Let me start with the janma nakshatra of Sri Mudaliyandan Swami – the current (varthamaana) Acharya in this lineage. His birthday – Karthigai/Pooram – was held on the 20th of November in Kesava Perumal Koil street (Mylapore) in Ramanuja Kootam. I was happy to know that the Acharya had attended the celebrations with his family and the event went on well with sevakalam. I am taking the liberty of pasting a picture here from an e-group of sishyas.

Varthamaanaswamy seen here with his son, who has his duty cut out for the future as well… to show us all the path to Perumal of course! 🙂

Long live Acharya and his family.

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah l

Srimathe Narayanaaya Namah l