I cannot believe how long it has been since I wrote to You on cyberspace. It’s not that I have not been talking to You otherwise, but this has always been one of the dedicated spaces for this atman’s connection with the paramatman.

Sometimes when one gets carried away with routine things in life, there just seems to be no time to read, write or participate in a conversation with God. No denying that people might genuinely have time-consuming responsibilities either at home, outside or both! And one should never ignore those responsibilities that come to us in our specific birth. But it is also essential to have a quiet space more often, where all we look at / listen to / write and contemplate about is our connection with our own souls, and the soul’s relationship with the Almighty.

I hope we all get more moments where all we do is express the love for Perumal, experience the love from Perumal, and feel happy that our atman’s journey is in the right direction this time… or at least that there is a good-hearted attempt to head in the right direction. 🙂

Adiyen will surely take time out more often to converse with You, dear lord. In essence, if I am not conversing with You, I am not conversing with my own atman!

Srimathe Narayana namah l

Srimathe Ramanujaya namah l