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Today is the day when the wonderful 18th pasuram of Sri Andal was chanted in the auspicious month of Margazhi. In this pasuram, Goda Devi (Andal) introduces us to Krishna’s wife, Nappinnai. Adiyen has often pondered about the life history of this queen. All that I do know through various upanyasams is that she was the daughter of Yashoda’s brother (Kumbha). Krishna majestically tamed 7 bulls to marry her. And of course, Nappinnai is also known as a Goddess and avatar of Neela Devi. Nappinnai is supposed be depicted holding a ball on one hand (pandar virali) while the other hand rests on Krishna’s shoulders, symbolic of the victory by (her) love over the lord of the universe.

Adiyen was keen to have further information on our ‘pandar virali’ :). On further reading up through various online sources, I have come to understood that Nappinnai was one of the Ashtabharyas (8 principal wives) of lord Krishna – more popularly known in Sanskrit Puranas as Nagnajiti, the daughter of the king of Kosala, Nagnajit. According to some commentaries, she was known by the name Satya at birth. She is also supposed to have had many children with Krishna.

Krishna and Nappinnai

Krishna weds Nappinnai

However, these versions do not mention whether king Nagnajit is the same as Yashoda’s brother, Kumbha. This might require some clarification!

What we can conclude is that Nappinnai is the Southern/Dravidian name given to the princess Nagnajiti.

Request apologies for any error in my post, I am not any expert by any standards!

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