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In the auspicious month of Margazhi, a month blessed by Sri Andal, adiyen is happy to present a new video about Andal’s father… Sri Periyazhwar… the Azhwar who composed the ever-famous, the one and only, Thiruppallandu! The incessant flow of care, affection, motherly love for Perumal expressed by Periyazhwar opens ones eyes to true devotion, of a type that is unconditional. Often we forget to stop asking Perumal for boons to be granted. We even forget about showing him any kind of affection! And Sri Periyazhwar’s pasurams show us the way.

The story of Sri Periyazhwar was long overdue, simply because of lack of time as adiyen got tied up in responsibilities of this samsaara!

Adiyen prefers to create ad-free videos as this is not being done for any monetary purposes. It took a while to choose copyright-free music, but somehow managed to put it together. Due credit to all the artists has been given, mentioned in the video description.

One slide I wasn’t able to include in the video is the following, about a temple in the hometown of Sri Selva Nambi – a scholar mentioned in the Thiruppallandu pasuram ‘Alvazhakkonnum illaa anikottiyar kon, abhimaana thungan Selvanaip pola…’.


This Varadaraja Perumal temple at Perunkarunai was lying in ruins until recent times. I’m sure it is still in need of funds, so any contribution should be welcome.

Srimathe Narayanaya Namah l

Srimather Ramanujaaya Namah l


Flower garland

Dear Perumal,

Today adiyen had the rare opportunity of stringing together a bunch of loose jasmine flowers to place them on Your picture.

I am by no means an expert in stringing flowers, and almost devised my own method! But as I sat there for a while in thought, and wondered about the amount of patience this process requires, especially for large garlands… it felt as though the process was more pleasurable when the end purpose, that the flowers are going to go to the almighty, seemed meaningful.

Stringed jasmine flowers

That led me to thoughts of none other than Sri Periyazhwar and his untiring duty of day in and day out, threading the most beautiful garlands for Perumal. He took this work pretty seriously. No wonder then, that one fine day, Azhwar got the shock of his life when he noticed hair strands on the garland. Of course the fact that the hair strands belonged to his divine child Kothai is yet another matter.

Andal tries on a garland as Sri Periyazhwar watches in shock

Andal tries on a garland as her father, Sri Periyazhwar, watches in shock!

Selfless service to God and fellow human beings, indeed, brings more happiness than tiredness!

Srimathe Narayanaya Namah l

Srimather Ramanujaya Namah l

Dear Perumale,

I am writing to pay my respects on the janma nakshatras of two great persons who stepped on this bhuloka.

1) Sri Periyazhwar whose nakshatram fell on July 10th: Aani maasam, Swathi Nakshatram.

Periyazhwar, the person who’s ‘Thiruppallandu’ defines what love towards the lord is all about…

In a world where a lot of ‘devotees’ seems to offer intense prayers in order to

…Gain business success

…Get higher grades in studies

…Live the longest life possible


Here was Sri Periyazhwar who said ‘Oh, Perumale! May You be protected for thousands and thousands of years!!! May no harm befall You!’

What is the type and depth of love that any person can have so as to wish for the most powerful Brahman, Paramatman, to protect Himself? When this Azhwar sees the lord in person the very instance he is worried for the lord!! Is there a single soul on this Bhuloka like that today? Adiyen can just pray that all of us personally reach those heights of self-realisation.

2) Sri Nathamuni, whose nakshatram feel on the 12th of July – Aani Maasam, Anusham nakshatram.

Sri Nathamuni, who received the 4,000 verses as revealed by Nammazhwar for us… Sri Nathamuni who was responsible for passing on the gift of the divine being Sri Ramanujacharya to us.

How tirelessly he must have worked to retrieve those divine hymns which were lost in time. How dedicated he must have been to his cause. Nathamuni – a combination of hardwork and humility!

Srimathe Ramanujasya Charanau Sharanam Prapadye l

Srimathe Narayanaya Namah l