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In the auspicious month of Margazhi, a month blessed by Sri Andal, adiyen is happy to present a new video about Andal’s father… Sri Periyazhwar… the Azhwar who composed the ever-famous, the one and only, Thiruppallandu! The incessant flow of care, affection, motherly love for Perumal expressed by Periyazhwar opens ones eyes to true devotion, of a type that is unconditional. Often we forget to stop asking Perumal for boons to be granted. We even forget about showing him any kind of affection! And Sri Periyazhwar’s pasurams show us the way.

The story of Sri Periyazhwar was long overdue, simply because of lack of time as adiyen got tied up in responsibilities of this samsaara!

Adiyen prefers to create ad-free videos as this is not being done for any monetary purposes. It took a while to choose copyright-free music, but somehow managed to put it together. Due credit to all the artists has been given, mentioned in the video description.

One slide I wasn’t able to include in the video is the following, about a temple in the hometown of Sri Selva Nambi – a scholar mentioned in the Thiruppallandu pasuram ‘Alvazhakkonnum illaa anikottiyar kon, abhimaana thungan Selvanaip pola…’.


This Varadaraja Perumal temple at Perunkarunai was lying in ruins until recent times. I’m sure it is still in need of funds, so any contribution should be welcome.

Srimathe Narayanaya Namah l

Srimather Ramanujaaya Namah l


Dear Perumal,

Adiyen, like a good number of devoted citizens, have visited temples on various occasions. Temples big and small, old and new. One day I got thinking whether I stop and view everything there is to see, especially all the sculptures on ancient temples. Once I started observing more, I realised one can spend a really long time at the temple, totally immersed in each detail. There is so much one doesn’t notice when hurrying to the temple for a quick darshan.

The last time I visited The Sri Adi Kesava Perumal temple at Mylapore, Chennai, I decided to stop and look at some of the carvings on the gopuram, and was surprised I hadn’t noticed many things over so many times I had been there.

Sri Adi Kesava Temple Mylapore

Sri Adi Kesava Temple Mylapore

Sri Adi Kesava Temple Mylapore - Gopuram

Sri Adi Kesava Temple Mylapore – Gopuram


Managed to spot Chakrathazhwar, Sri Garuda, Dwara Palakas

Lo and behold! Sri Nammazhwar sitting under the tamarind tree, with Madhura Kavi Azhwar

Lo and behold! Sri Nammazhwar sitting under the tamarind tree, with Madhura Kavi Azhwar

Sri Adi Kesava temple - Gopuram front

Sri Adi Kesava temple – Gopuram front

And then the Mudhal Azhwars! Sitting comfortably in their lotus seats.

And then the Mudhal Azhwars! Sitting comfortably in their lotus seats.

This is just a sample. There was so much more to observe inside the temple as well, but photography wasn’t allowed. Anyway how can my mere phone camera capture what our eyes can see.

Another day I tried observing everything about the Sri Parthasarathy temple at Triplicane, and Sri Adi Kesava temple at Sriperumbudur. It took so much more time than a quick family trip would permit! 🙂

But nevertheless, adiyen has discovered great pleasure in feeling the essence, the living breathing, religious as well as historical significance of ancient temples which no other experience can match!

Srimathe Narayanaya Namah l

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah l



Dear Perumale,

Today is Panguni Uthiram, the day You are together with Thayaar. And the ideal ‘man’, Sri Ram, married Sita Piratti.

Adiyen is taking the liberty to quote Mrs. Geetha Vasudevan from the MudaliandanThirumaligaiSishyas yahoogroup about the significance of Panguni Uththiram.

Sreemathey Ramanujaya Namaha

Respected Bhagavatha Bandhus,

The Aadhi Bramhotsavam is celebrated grandly in Sri Rangam starts on Panguni Rohini (Perumal Thirunakshatram) and ends on Panguni Utthiram (Thayar Thirunakshtram) it is so special because

*Periya Pirattiyar Thirunakshtram

*Perumal & Thayar Serthi Sevai

*Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam

Periya Piratti Thirunakshatram_Panguni Uthiram

Periya Pirattiyaar Thirunakshatram

Thayar Perumal Serthi Sevai

Thayaar Perumal Serthi Sevai

Sita Ram wedding

Sri Ram - Sita Kalyanam

*Above all considering this as appropriate occasion Swamy Ramanuja surrendered before Divya Dampathis in serthi and submitted his famous Gadyatrayam (compromising Saranagathi Gadyam, Sri Ranga Gadyam and Sri Vaikunta Gadyam) – Here we must note Saranagathi Gadyam was delivered – The Prapatthi was done for the sake of our deliverance.

Please note Panguni Utthiram’s significance is also for

*Nanjeeyar Thirunakshtram *Kambanattu Alwar is said to have inaugurated his famous Kamba Ramayanam on this day @ Mettu Azhagiya Singar Sannadhi in Sri Rangam temple

Thus Panguni Utthiram attaches special importance to both Namperumal and Swamy Ramanuja, it is also heard to mark the tireless efforts of Swami Ramanuja’s walk to Thirukoshtiyoor, even today on Panguni Utthiram day, Namperumal is given 18 argyas, 18 padyas and all aradhana kramams 18 times (kindly correct me if adiyen is wrong)

Uyya Ore Vazhi Udayavar Thiruvadi !

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

Geetha Vasudevan


Dear Srinivasa Perumale,

Dear Malayappa, lord of the seven hills…

You are, but the  lord of all!

The lights that shine for You this auspicious month

To You, they owe their very brightness!

In the absence of a visit to the holy hills,

Request Your divine presence at the home of rice flour lamps!

This Purattasi – Sanikkizhamai (Bhadrapada/Prausthapada month, Saturday), adiyen worships You in the effulgent radiance emanating from the flames of the rice hill lamps.

You are indeed the light that shines, tirelessly waiting for us to realise You!

For the devotees who cannot be with You physically at the temple, oh Venkateshwara, do bless them with Your presence at their homes.

Srimathe Narayanaya Namah l

Srimathe Ramanujaaya Namah l

Dear Perumale,

A lot has been written about this topic, covered by the media to great lengths.

But what caught my eye was the information given in a social network by another devotee… that the greatest treasure has been found at Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple…

And this priceless treasure is none other than…

Sri Anantha Padmanabha Himself!

Truly, what greater treasure than the lord Himself lying on Adi Sesha, set in a sparkling stone image and gold-hued attire! Is there a treasure to match the lord in the whole city of Thiruvananthapuram?!

Srimathe Ramanujaaya Namah l

Srimathe Narayanaya Namah l