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Adiyen has put together a small pictorial depiction of the birth place of Sri Peyazhwar. The Azhwar was found in a well – in what is today know as Arundale street, Mylapore. Though this birth place requires better maintenance, it still is quite captivating.

Hope the very sight of this place brings blessings to all.

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah l

Srimathe Narayanaya Namah l

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasyai


Dear Perumal,

Do I love You more or adiyen’s favourite being – Sri Ramanujacharya?

Are You more beautiful in Your purappadu (procession), with the two graceful Goddesses, my mothers… or is Swami Ramanujar sitting solo in his purappadu more beautiful, and so eternally charming?

For once adiyen thinks I shall be partial to Udayavar. I mean, it is his 1000th birthday!!!!

What a supremely blessed life that adiyen has, that I:

(a) Know who Ramanujar is!

(b) Am alive on his 1000th birthday! (I cannot emphasise on this more!)

Sri Ramanujacharya 1000.png

Sri Ramanujacharya – 1000th birth anniversary – May 1, 2017

Dear Ramanuja,

Blessed are my eyes to see your archa avatara. Blessed are my eyes to read about your life and your works. Blessed are my ears to hear about you. Blessed is my mouth to speak about you, and my hands to type about you! Blessed is my mind to think about you. Blessed is my soul to have any association with you! Blessed is my heart, my emotions, to feel such overwhelming love for a supreme being such as you!!!!!!!!!!!

I am alive on Sri Ramanujar’s 1000th nakshatram! Yipppeee! Do I dance? Sing? Cry? Am I mad? With whom shall I share this madness? 🙂

Adiyen had the opportunity to visit Sriperumbudur few days back, on the 7th day of celebrations at Sri Adi Kesava temple. It was packed with devotees from various states. Just managed to catch a glimpse of the thirumanjanam of Udayavar. As the holy bath started, and the Sri Vaishnava scholars began chanting the slokas, adiyen burst into tears. It was too overwhelming. What had I ever done to witness Thaan Ugandha Thirumeni of Sri Ramanujar, that too on his 1000th birth nakshatra celebrations? Adiyen’s heart just exploded. I felt, for that moment, just that moment of emotions – it was all worth it.

Due to the heavy crowds, adiyen wasn’t able to receive the Mudaliandan/Satari after the thirumanjanam… but decided that I will return, on another Thiruvadirai day, when there shall be another holy bath! Why not go there again, and again, and again!

Today, on April 30 2017, just a day before Sri Ramanujacharya’s 1000th birthday, adiyen was blessed enough to be able to pull the ther (chariot) of Sri Ramanujar at Sri Adi Kesava Perumal temple at Mylapore. Adiyen’s hands were blessed to touch and pull Ethirajar’s ther from start to end with other devotees…!!!! What mad happiness!!! It has been the most joyful moment of my life!!!

As I held the rope I thought that this also signifies my ties with the Acharya, which I shall never, ever let go of. Ever. Adiyen shall forever be attached to you, my father, Udayavare!

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah l

Jai jai Ramanuja!

Vaazhi Ethirasan! Vaazhi Ethirasan! Vaazhi Ethirasan!

Adiyen seeks your blessings, Sri Manavala Mamunigal…

also known as

Azhagiya Manavala Perumal Nayanar!

Image result

Sri Manavala Manunigal – Azhwar Thirunagiri (Avathara Sthalam)

Q. How many of us are going to be praised by God Himself with a verse?

A. None.

However lord Sri Ranganatha did so for His beloved devotee. He arrived as a little boy and personally chanted a sloka, impressed with Manavala Mamunigal’s discourse on Nammazhwar’s Thiruvaimozhi at Sri Rangam. The verse is as follows:

Srisailesa dhaya pathram dheebhakthyadhi gunarnavam

Yatheendra pravanam vandhe

Ramyajamataram munim

*Meaning: I offer my respects to Sri Manavalamamuni, the receptacle of Srisailesa’s (Tiruvaimozhipillai’s) grace. He is the abode of jnana, bhakti and all other good qualities, and is forever lost in meditation on Sri Ramanuja

Wish I could sing like this blessed person…


A moment in passing…

Dear Perumale,

Walking down the city roads today, adiyen spotted an apartment by the name ‘Melukote’, with an image slab of Yoga Narasimhar above the name.

melukote apartments

It did bring a smile to my face. If only this was Your real house… if I’d walked inside, I would find the charming Sampath Kumara sitting there, waiting for me with a smile on His face. 🙂

But then everything here is Your abode my dearest lord!

Srimathe Ramanujaaya Namah l

Srimather Naryanaya Namah l

He, who always cares.

Dear Perumal,

One thing I like about travelling within the city sometimes is a sticker of You in the bus, or a picture of you behind a vehicle, or the beautiful thiruman symbol plastered on the front-side of an auto rickshaw, or the back-side of a truck! Sometimes when stuck in a jam, these images remind me that one can spend at least a few moments thinking about God.

Whether these vehicles owners care about driving safe or not, at least someone somewhere had a thought about You. Like this one for instance, truly reflecting what You are all about. Always, always concerned whether jivatmas like us would learn how to lead a life enriched with virtues.


Srimathe Ramanujaaya Namah l

Srimather Narayanaya Namah l


Could one be so tied up in the workings of the material world that there would not be much time to be of any service to You? I find myself in such a situation, for over a year now. I do think of You whenever I can, but I know it is just not enough. There is a sheer lack of time for anything.

Is a corporate life so important? Is it worth being dehumanized?



How have I drifted so far away, my dear lord?

I am coming back!

arjuna prays to krishna

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah l

Srimathe Narayanaya Namah l

Dear Perumal,

Adiyen is back on the blog to recount the festivities that have taken place over the last few months. There were plenty, and I wanted to post pictures of some of them.

There was Sri Jayanthi, the birth nakshatra of our dearest lord Kannan.

sri jayanthi 2012

Sri Jayanthi 2012

The month of Purattai (Sept – Oct) saw our dear Malayappa in full glory.The Tirupathi Brahmotsavam was celebrated in grand fervour. The lamps were lit in the houses to honour the lord.

Purattasi Maavilakku

Purattasi Maavilakku

Then there were the whole 10 days of Dusshera / Navaratri. This time a new addition at our place were the 12 Azhwars.

Golu Bommai / dolls - The 12 Azhwars

Golu Bommai / dolls – The 12 Azhwars

Speaking of the Azhwars, The 9th day of Navratri signified the birthdays of the Azhwar triumvarite – Sri Poigai Azhwar, Sri Bhuthath Azhwar and Sri Pey Azhwar on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of October respectively.

The Azhwar Triumvarite - Sri Poigai Azhwar, Sri Bhuthath Azhwar, Sri Pei Azhwar

The Azhwar Triumvarite – Sri Poigai Azhwar, Sri Bhuthath Azhwar, Sri Pei  Azhwar

And as I write this on the Avittam Nakshatra of the Aippasi month, adiyen shall end this post seeking the blessings of Sri Bhuthath Azhwar.

Thodar eduththa maal yaanai suzh kayam pukku anji,

Padar eduththa paing kamalam kondu – indru idar adukka

Aazhiyaan paadham panindhu andre – vaanavar kOn

Paazhi-thaan eythiRRup paNdu?’

The reverent elephant devotee of yore entered the lotus lake and trembled with fear. Then, he raised his trunk and offered flowers in worship. That very instant, did he not reach the lord’s abode?


Sri Venugopal Swamy temple – Malleswaram, Bangalore

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah l

Srimathe Narayanaya Namah l

Conversations with God


I cannot believe how long it has been since I wrote to You on cyberspace. It’s not that I have not been talking to You otherwise, but this has always been one of the dedicated spaces for this atman’s connection with the paramatman.

Sometimes when one gets carried away with routine things in life, there just seems to be no time to read, write or participate in a conversation with God. No denying that people might genuinely have time-consuming responsibilities either at home, outside or both! And one should never ignore those responsibilities that come to us in our specific birth. But it is also essential to have a quiet space more often, where all we look at / listen to / write and contemplate about is our connection with our own souls, and the soul’s relationship with the Almighty.

I hope we all get more moments where all we do is express the love for Perumal, experience the love from Perumal, and feel happy that our atman’s journey is in the right direction this time… or at least that there is a good-hearted attempt to head in the right direction. 🙂

Adiyen will surely take time out more often to converse with You, dear lord. In essence, if I am not conversing with You, I am not conversing with my own atman!

Srimathe Narayana namah l

Srimathe Ramanujaya namah l

Dear Perumal,

Here is an Azhwar who shares Your name – Kulashekara Perumal! Here is an Azhwar who shares Your nakshatram – Punarvasu (Punar poosam) when Sri Ram was born!

Kulashekara Azhwar Moolavar

Kulashekara Azhwar

Kulashekara Perumal’s life is relevant to us in many ways. We struggle through life everyday to get ourselves the best of comforts. Here was a king who, despite having all the wealth, knowledge and skills, only wanted to be a stone step outside the sanctum of the lord Srinivasa, so that he be trampled by the devotees!

Humility, devotion and a complete immersion in love which took them closer and closer to the lord by the day… such is the typical nature of all the Azhwars. Would we ever reach these unparalleled levels of control of our minds, thoughts and actions.. and thus gain self realisation, hence realisation of the lord Himself? We can only keep trying. And keep loving.

Sri Kulashekara Azhwar Thiruvadigale Sharanam.

Srimathe Narayanaaya Namah l

Srimathe Ramanujaaya Namah l

Dear Perumale,

Adiyen has missed out on a long list of significant events over the past month. Let me start with the janma nakshatra of Sri Mudaliyandan Swami – the current (varthamaana) Acharya in this lineage. His birthday – Karthigai/Pooram – was held on the 20th of November in Kesava Perumal Koil street (Mylapore) in Ramanuja Kootam. I was happy to know that the Acharya had attended the celebrations with his family and the event went on well with sevakalam. I am taking the liberty of pasting a picture here from an e-group of sishyas.

Varthamaanaswamy seen here with his son, who has his duty cut out for the future as well… to show us all the path to Perumal of course! 🙂

Long live Acharya and his family.

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah l

Srimathe Narayanaaya Namah l