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You did it again. Just as I was wondering why I had not seen Your archa avathara anywhere properly of late, why I had the misfortune of not having seen you in long… you did it again.

Adiyen was invited, out of the blue, for a temple visit by distant relatives. I had the darshan of Perumal and Thayaars up close, right in front of the sannidhi. I was placed right in front of Him, the moolavar. I mean, even if I had looked left or right, I would have only seen Him and Thayaars! I was dazed… staring in disbelief! Saturday being more auspicious (though all days are auspicious for our lord), there was Venkataramana Swamy Perumal decked in a dazzling crown, sparkling shangu-chakkaram, and jewellery. Thayaars Bhu and Neela Devi matched him in beauty.

Bhu-Neela sametha Sri Venkataramanaswamy                   (Source: Facebook)

I should have melted in happiness and worshipped Him in utter joy. Yet, I was just in a state of shock… what was happening, why was I standing right in front of a moolavar, so close? I could not understand!!!! I was suddenly asked to give family names for archanai, my  mind went blank… I gave my usual reply – ‘Perumalukke pannungo’!  – as in, do the archana in the name of Perumal, for Perumal’s benefit…à la Periyazhwar maybe ;). No, I’m nowhere close to any other devotee. Not even close to the dust of their feet. But what have mortals like me done to ask an Archakar to do archanai in adiyen’s name?

Well, maybe I am an over-emotional person. Over reacting all the time.

But I don’t need anything ‘from’ You, dear Perumal. I only need You! Perhaps though I could ask you for a job at the temple, so that I could near You at the temple the whoooole day.

Ah! Perhaps in my next birth I could be born as a kovil Bhattar or Archakar, or maybe the temple cleaners, or the people carrying the utsavars down the street in a procession…. well, if by the end of this life, I do something to deserve it!

Narayana Krishna Vasudeva! Jagad rakshaka!

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah l


Dear Perumal,

Once adiyen had a darshan of You at a ‘Venkatachalapathy’ temple tucked away near the tea estates in a quiet corner of Conoor (near Ooty). The specific area where it is located is called ‘Chinna Thirupathi’. Though this was not a Sri Vaishnava temple, it was good to behold your sight nevertheless.

Sri Venkatachalapathy temple, Chinna Thirupathi, Coonoor

Sri Venkatachalapathy temple, Chinna Thirupathi, Coonoor


Sri Krishna flanked by His favourite plant -Tulsi

Sri Krishna flanked by the green branches of a plant

Dear Srinivasa Perumale,

Dear Malayappa, lord of the seven hills…

You are, but the  lord of all!

The lights that shine for You this auspicious month

To You, they owe their very brightness!

In the absence of a visit to the holy hills,

Request Your divine presence at the home of rice flour lamps!

This Purattasi – Sanikkizhamai (Bhadrapada/Prausthapada month, Saturday), adiyen worships You in the effulgent radiance emanating from the flames of the rice hill lamps.

You are indeed the light that shines, tirelessly waiting for us to realise You!

For the devotees who cannot be with You physically at the temple, oh Venkateshwara, do bless them with Your presence at their homes.

Srimathe Narayanaya Namah l

Srimathe Ramanujaaya Namah l